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newborn photography charleston

You have a baby on the way!!

Whether it’s your first or fifth, this is such an exciting time for you! Every sweet moment in life deserves to be celebrated and the birth of your little one is no different.

This is more than just cute photos of baby. Newborn sessions are the perfect chance for me to document your real life for a few hours. The whole natural process of it all! I love photographing couples and little ones in their natural environment. 

Cuddled up in bed with the family dog. Mama and baby in their favorite rocking chair in the nursery. Baby in their new crib. The real moments are the ones worth remembering. 

Newborn photography begins at $600 and includes the following:

Phone or email consultation to discuss your session logistics including wardrobe, props, location, time, etc

 No time restriction (generally between 1-3 hours)

2-4 outfits

high resolution images in color and black and white versions

online gallery making it easy to download and share all your favorites

newborn photography charleston

Tips for a Successful Newborn Photo Session

  1. Keep baby warm. Newborns aren’t experts yet at regulating their own body temperatures, so it’s important we help them stay warm! A cozy baby is a happy baby. When we have a session in your home, it’s important to keep the space warm enough for baby. During the “naked” baby photos, it’s useful to have warm towels fresh from a round in the dryer to keep baby snug. If necessary, it’s also useful to have a space heater on hand to have in the general vicinity if the room is having trouble staying warm.
  2. Make some noise. Newborns love white noise as it reminds them of being in the womb. I recommend downloading a white noise app on your phone or computer if you haven’t already. This helps keep baby relaxed and feel comfortable! It’s also soothing for parents as well. It doesn’t just have to be static white noise playing. Feel free to have rain or ocean sounds. It should feel like a relaxing spa experience for everyone!
  3. Milk drunk babies are the happiest! Nurse baby 10-15 minutes before your session is scheduled to start. This gets them in a really comfortable zone. We often take breaks during sessions for more nursing – that’s ok! Listen to baby. We go at their speed.
  4. Schedule nap time for during the session. Want those cute sleepy baby photos? Then don’t let your baby nap before we take photos. I always take into account what baby’s sleep schedule looks like at the beginning stages and base a portrait start time based on that. Usually babies are more cooperative in the morning, but everyone is different. Let’s chat about how your baby has been acting throughout the day and pick something best for them.
  5. Stay relaxed! Babies are incredibly perceptive of emotions and vibes in the room. There’s no need to be anxious. I totally understand parents are often tired and overwhelmed with new duties and adjusting their life schedules. This is suppose to be a fun and relaxing experience for all involved. This is one of the main reasons I don’t set time limits for newborn sessions. Enjoy and embrace this time as you are all adjusting to life together as a family! 
  6. Best time frame is within first two weeks. This seems so fast! However, this time period is when babies still have the natural urge to curl up like they do in the womb. Their bodies are a lot easier to adjust during these early weeks as well before they start practicing stretching their limbs all over the place! It’s of course ok to have a newborn session after the sweet spot of 2 weeks. It’s so important for you parents to have a good grasp on your new schedule too!

newborn photography charleston

Kait Winston Photography is a newborn photography studio serving Richmond VA and surrounding areas.

newborn photography charleston

Newborn Photography Richmond

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